DeeLance Team bios

The DeeLance team consists of individuals who have experience working with freelancers and thus comprehend the challenges and difficulties associated with web2 issues. Our objective is to facilitate a seamless transition to the web3 sphere by bridging the gap between people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds and empowering everyone to take ownership of their online presence.

Core team

Dommeti - Founder / CEO
Dommeti has two decades of high-level experience in technology and engineering, as well as in the investment industry. In his career to date, he has demonstrated an ability to identify emerging global trends and then create and execute that vision. Dommeti has built and rationalized investment firms operating across various asset classes and geographies. Web3 is his passion. The buck stops with Dommeti – he is ultimately responsible for building and directing the specialist team that will make the Deelance Web3 platform the 21st-century home for freelancers. Jagjeet Jena - Advisor
CEO and co-founder of Battle Infinity (Metaverse Battle Games Platform). Jagjeet has vast technical experience and the leadership skills to execute product delivery. Self-motivated ideas generator focused on solutions – there’s nothing Jagjeet likes more than overcoming difficult challenges to demonstrate his skills. A highly creative blue-sky thinker but a team worker too. Laser-focused on product development and delivery, Jagjeet consistently exceeds expectations.
Roberto - Project Head
As an experienced full-stack developer Roberto has worked in the web, and blockchain spaces for seven years. During this time he built dozens of modern and professional platforms that are today making profits for companies worldwide. Roberto’s major achievements include his work across a number of fields as the project lead, including the building of websites, cryptocurrencies, centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges (DeFi), and NFT-related platforms.
Suhaib - Senior Developer
Suhaib is a highly experienced technology and financial services professional, with nine years of experience in strategic leadership. He has achieved consistent success, validated by tangible KPIs, with a history of working across traditional and digital settings. Suhaib is a creative thinker and flexible team player experienced in hitting product delivery milestones and is a consistent overachiever.
Deeba - CMO
Deeba is a communication and content expert with over seven years of experience in marketing and business development. She is an innovator fascinated by unlocking the potential of blockchain. Deeba has unique abilities and is a highly proficient business executive with a razor-sharp mindset that distinguishes her from the crowd. Adnan A Rahi – Security Expert
Adnan began his career as a freelancer and has completed 1,000-plus assignments in the past three years. From concept to coding, Adnan has been involved in every stage of building and securing digital asset tokens. He has worked on launchpads, DeFi protocols and apps, and cutting-edge Web3 applications.
Gurpreet Singh - Social Media Manager
Gurpreet is a social media marketer who has more than five years of experience collaborating with marketing agencies and different types of startups. Creativity and data analysis are his strengths. Gurpreet is a top-level social media strategist and innovator.
Visakh John - Community Manager
Visakh is a marketing and social media expert in the digital marketing space and has extensive knowledge of crypto. His involvement with crypto exceeds three years, and he has the required skills to expose DeeLance to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with his unique marketing skills.