Why freelancing in web3 platform is better than web2 platform?

Web3 is an emerging data driven semantic web following a decentralized approach, providing a freelancing platform with the opportunity to be more open, safe, secure, and accessible globally. With Web3, a new freelance economy is possible by eliminating the need for intermediaries and centralized corporations. Freelancers will have the benefit of full ownership of their work, which is why DeeLance is built on decentralized Web3 technology.

DeeLance's decentralized ecosystem is crucial to keep freelancing open to everyone, regardless of their birthplace or perceived skill level. Moreover, seller earnings have the potential to grow due to low fees and fast crypto payments. DeeLance aim is to create micro-communities in the metaverse where buyers and creative freelancers can meet, discuss ideas, network, and form bonds. In this persistent virtual working environment, we want to streamline processes and make conducting business smooth and efficient with digital work ownership.

Other benefits of DeeLance Web3 freelancing platform include:

  1. Simple signup process without requiring complex information

  2. Transparency and security

  3. Instant cryptocurrency payments

  4. Metaverse marketplace with NFTs

  5. AI chatbots for customer care

  6. Low commission

  7. NDA (Buyer & Seller)

  8. On-chain KYC to avoid bad Actors

  9. Staff Recruitment

How are we different from our competitors ?

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