DeeLance is the next-generation freelancing and Recruitment platform incorporating decentralized Web3 technology to create a space where the world works together smartly. It is redefining how freelancers will connect with potential buyers by offering unique and immersive experiences through Metaverse. The DeeLance ecosystem is built on three key pillars:
  1. 1.
    Cutting-edge NFT marketplace
  2. 2.
    Revolutionary Metaverse
  3. 3.
    Innovative freelancing & recruitment platform.
Together, these pillars offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to streamline the freelance process and create a more seamless experience for all users.
In this digital arena, DeeLance provides transparency and digital work ownership to freelancers and buyers. Our Web3-based digital ecosystem opens up new pathways for professionals and creators to profit from the ever-growing metaverse.


Business simplified
On DeeLance it only takes a minute to post a job or apply for one. No browser plugins, third-party apps, credit card details, or wallet-linking are necessary. The process is fast, efficient, and easy – the way blockchain is meant to be.
DeeLance has built an automated dispute system where all buyer and seller reputations are stored on the public blockchain. DeeLance is a trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on.
DeeLance uses secure escrow accounts to guarantee freelancers receive payment for services supplied. Our escrow system guarantees that employer funds are stored safely until the freelancer completes delivery of the contracted work to the agreed specification and standard, at which time the funds are released. All agreements between transacting parties are based on smart contracts.
DeeLance turns freelance work into digital tokens in the form of NFTs. This helps make sure that recruiters get ownership of the work they're paying for and protects against problems like payment fraud and copyright violations. Using NFTs also makes the freelance world more secure and reliable.
Low fees
Our decentralized reputation and smart platform directly connect freelancers and employers in a peer-to-peer system. This means our freelance marketplace can charge much lower fees than legacy competitors because it directly connects employers and freelancers.
Fast Payments
Accept crypto as the compensation method for your services to benefit from fast payments. There’s no currency exchange risk or hefty commission rates to pay
Staff Recruitment
DeeLance offers access to top-tier job opportunities and leading professionals in the industry while boasting a fully decentralized platform with a global reach. Additionally, our extensive experience in staffing solutions ensures that clients receive optimal results.