🖼️NFT Market Place

DeeLance NFT Marketplace offers buyers and freelancers the opportunity to create, sell, purchase, bid, collect, trade, or showcase NFTs. Our platform will host popular assets, such as NFTs related to art, photography, trading cards, music, tickets, and virtual worlds.

Key Features:

NFT Showcase: In the storefront, users can buy or offer digital assets for public sale. They can also display their unique NFT art or any other assets

Flexible Price: NFT creators or holders can list their assets on the NFT marketplace at a fixed price or offer them through a timed auction

NFT Catalogs: The most popular collections or new NFT products will appear in the Marketplace.

We will charge a transaction fee of 10% per transaction on the Marketplace. Our platform enables people to buy and sell NFTs with each other by using the $DLANCE token.

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