Socialize, Work and Earn

Are you ready to own your work, and create a professional digital identity? Step into the DeeLance Metaverse with confidence, socialize with others, get exclusive access to Metaverse VIP Experience, buy Commercial Land or office, do Billboard advertisements for brand awareness, and gain access to unique tools & services with $DLANCE token! DeeLance is creating a unique concept on Metaverse technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. The aim is to move users to another dimension within the digital universe, Metaverse - where Freelancers can get their own office in the metaverse and become powerful workers while Buyers can interact with freelancers in the office space and have a discussion through voice or video conference calls in the meeting room. Our focus is on

Metaverse lobby arena: It is an open hall for user interaction. The buyers and freelancers can interact with anyone in Metaverse Lobby Arena.

Metaverse Office: Imagine a large number of employees sitting in a virtual room, and buyers interacting with sellers in digital avatars. It is a virtual office space for meetings and collaboration of freelancers with buyers in Metaverse with tools to keep track of important details and reminders about meetings.

Meeting Room: Metaverse meeting room will help buyers and freelancers to connect and collaborate based on availability, minimizing interruptions and maximizing momentum.

From owning virtual land to creating immersive freelancing experiences , the $DLANCE token is the key to unleashing your creativity and building the metaverse of your professional dreams .

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